2010 – 2011 California School Garden Survey

The 2013–14 California School Garden Survey is now open.

Life Lab, in collaboration with the California School Garden Network, conducted a 2011 survey of California School Gardens. The information gathered from this survey will help those that are creating and supporting school garden projects across the state and nation.

Thanks to the 587 respondents of this survey and to UC Santa Cruz Senior Intern Gamai Gregory for taking on this project.

View survey summary prepared by UCSC Senior Intern Gamai Gregory.

We plan to repeat this survey every two years.

Survey Questions Used

View a PDF version of all survey questions.

Raw Data (sort this data to find results for your region)

Browse all survey data via this Survey Monkey Link. *This data does not include respondents email addresses, name, or school address and therefore the numbering of questions listed in the PDF of all survey questions differs.

Download an Excel file of all questions and responses in one sheet.

Download an Excel file of a summary of all responses, each question in a separate sheet.

Download an Excel file of  all respondents (45) who stated they do not have a garden.

Download an Excel file of a summary of all respondents (45) who stated they do not have a garden. Note: question 15 lists the reasons for not having a garden.

View and download graphs of survey questions.

To our knowledge, the following are the most recent resources that looked at CA statewide school garden data prior to our survey.

2006-2007 California Instructional School Garden Grant Award Information

Through a 2002 Statewide Survey with results published in the following: Use of School Gardens in Academic Instruction
by Graham Heather, et al., Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Research Brief 37: 147-151. -2005 

Have you conducted a survey or inventory of school gardens in your region/county/district in California? If so let us know about it in the comment section below. 

We have come across a school garden inventory of gardens in SLO County and folks in San Mateo County have done similar work. Santa Cruz County conducted a school garden survey in 2007. Who else?, let us know in the comments below.

School Garden Data Summary
Charts highlight the who, when and how of California School Gardens (click the actions button on this page to download)


2011 Survey Respondents

View CA School Garden Survey 2011 in a full screen map


  • http://scoolfood.org/gardens Trish Stone-Damen

    One thing I noticed was that the first identifying question did not provide the option of garden educator or non school staff garden educator, etc. We forwarded the survey to our 12 Garden Educator Managers (GEMs) to complete one for each of their 2 schools. I assume they will select other. I just thought if you wanted more detailed info Garden Educator or non school staff garden educator would be helpful. Maybe not necessary but if you think it would, maybe revise for next time.

  • Tracy De Wit

    Thank you.

  • Frederique Lavoipierre

    Fifteen years ago, I established a garden at my son';s elementary school, which I ran for 4 years. School gardens used to be for k-5 students back then. As he entered middle school, I worked to include those students. Back then, few middle schools had gardens. Then he entered high school. You know it, most high schools did not have gardens. It is heartening to see how many of them are now incorporating gardens. But those high school students are graduating and going to college now. When will we expand our vision to include university gardens as school gardens? I coordinate a garden at Sonoma State University, and found your survey frustrating to complete (and have probably provide a number of outliers to your poor statistician! – I could not even enter the number of students we have (over 8000) but had to settle with entering 800.) We have a pre-school on campus that participates in the garden, and a high school on campus and another next door that I would like to involve. Do you want to talk about the next step? I'd be happy to chat!

  • http://www.whollyh2o.org Elizabeth Dougherty

    We are building a school garden map that also indicated which schools are focused on water management and what their water systems are. It would be great to work together with you on that project. Our School Garden Water Management intern, Sasha Kramer, will contact you.

  • john

    Great. We look forward to learning about your project.

  • http://www.lifelab.org/ Life Lab

    While reviewing data in preparation for the 2014 survey. 2011 data total numbers have been modified:
    2011 Survey:
    Total Completed: 496
    Schools w/ No Garden: 44
    School w/ Garden: 452

    John Fisher
    Life Lab