100 Plus Years of Garden-Based Learning

"Out of the Ground" From The Beginner's Garden Book A Text Book for Upper Grammar Grades 1914

And we thought that our 30 plus years of school garden work at Life Lab was a long time. Check out these school garden publications from a 100+ years ago! There are some great illustrations and images in many.

The Beginner's Garden Book; A textbook for the upper grammar grades – 1914

Check out the Chard those kids are holding!!

Principles and Practice of School Gardening – 1913

The School Garden. A practical contribution to the subject of education – 1879

Children's Gardens for Pleasure, Health and Education – 1910

How to Make School Gardens; A manual for teachers and pupils – 1915

Among School Gardens – 1910

Gardening in Elementary City Schools – 1916

Educational School Gardening and Handwork – 1913

Children's Gardens for School and Home : A manual of cooperative gardening - 1904

The School Garden Book – 1909