Common Core in the Garden

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Here at Life Lab, we have been hard at work connecting The Growing Classroom with the new Common Core Math and Language Arts standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) being rolled out in schools across the country.



See examples of how we bring content standards to life at the Life Lab Garden Classroom.

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The Growing Classroom Standards Database

We are thrilled by the guiding principles behind the new science standards, which integrate content, practices, and cross-cutting concepts to ensure that science education is meaningful, engaging, and effective. By highlighting the various ways each lesson in The Growing Classroom addresses these standards and provides opportunities for students to practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and math, we hope to provide every school teacher with the tools they need to justify bringing kids outside, and to use the garden as a living laboratory in which learning comes to life!

Thanks to our stellar team including Jennifer Pfluger, who holds a PhD in Plant Developmental Genetics from UC Berkeley; Ilana Lowe, a credentialed 5th public school grade teacher with a Master of Arts in Education; and Kate Sommer, also a credentialed teacher who currently works as a garden educator in a public K-5 school. We made this database tool in-house and there are sure to be glitches. If you run into one, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

More Resources to Connect Garden-Based Learning with the New Content Standards

Here's a quick list of content standards that are especially easy to connect to the garden.

Farm to School and the Common Core Standards created by Emily Hoyler of Shelburne Farms' Sustainable Schools Project.

Take the Common Core Outdoors: School gardens offer lessons beyond science and healthy eating created by Jane Hirschi

Life Lab's standards database also cross-maps each lesson in Sowing the Seeds of Wonder: Discovering the Garden in Early Childhood Education to relevant standards from California's Preschool Learning Foundations.

Do you have other resources to help connect Garden-Based Learning with the new content standards? List them below in the comments. 

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  • Alisa Wright

    By aligning the lessons in this thorough and engaging resource to the CCSS, teachers can make their way into the garden with confidence knowing they are meeting the required objectives with authentic and relevant learning . I am anxiously awaiting this resource.

  • Life Lab

    Alisa, thanks for your comments. The database is now live.