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Drawing on over thirty-five years of work with young people in gardens, Life Lab, a nonprofit organization, has emerged as a national leader in the garden-based learning movement. Through workshops and consultations, we have provided tens of thousands of educators across the country with the inspiration and information necessary to engage young people in gardens and on farms. Our workshops and award-winning publications are the go-to resource for educators and families interested in engaging young people in gardens. At the Life Lab Garden Classroom educational center in Santa Cruz, CA, we continue to promote experiential learning for people of all ages through field trips, our "Food What?!" youth empowerment and food justice program, children's camps, and teacher workshops.

For media inquiries, contact John Fisher, Outreach Director – gardendirector@lifelab.org or 831.325.1656(cell)

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It all started in 1979 with a team of inspired teachers, some open land outside a classroom, and a vision. Since the first Life Lab school garden was created at Green Acres Elementary School in Santa Cruz, CA, Life Lab has continuously engaged young people in gardens and taught others to do the same. View a timeline of our history documented on our blog.

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From the New York Times to our local TV stations, Life Lab has been press-worthy for over thirty years. View 30 plus years of press.

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