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Life Lab is nationally acknowledged as a leader in the development and dissemination of garden-based educational programs. We offer a range of professional development opportunities for pre- and in-service teachers, garden educators and volunteers.

Life Lab provides training across the country and at our Garden Classroom Training Center, located at the University of California Santa Cruz. For more information browse below, email our Education Director, or call (831) 459-3833.

What Workshop Participants Say:

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Workshop Participant Comments
The curriculum, which is incredible, will be a valuable asset to me as an instructor. And the different activities that we did were a lot of fun and helped me prepare for my upcoming programs. But the most important thing that I received from your workshop was inspiration! I'm so excited to bring garden education to Reno! Thank you!

I learned how to integrate our state science curriculum into on-site gardening activities, teaching students how to explore, ask questions, and connect to the natural world. Now my students are showing an improved respect toward the plants and animals on campus, an enthusiasm and curiosity to visit and learn from the garden, and expanded healthy eating practices. Because of my participation in this training, my principal is supporting multiple grade levels in engaging in on-site garden activities.

The workshop presenter was a dynamic, energetic speaker with knowledge, good pacing skills, and a genuine topic. This was an outstanding workshop.

One of the best organized days of hands-on activities and philosophical underpinnings I've ever seen.

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