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A composting program that worked so well at one Davis, California elementary school it spread to the whole district! Anne Ternus-Bellamy writes about the Davis district-wide composting system and how it operates on a day to day practice.
Here's how the the DavisRISE composting program works!

More on DavisRise and a more detailed program video.


The Hennepin County Environmental Services have created a two page over view of the district wide composting system in the Robbinsdale School District. To read up on how an entire school district began and executed the composting program look at Robbinsdale School Districts Compost Overview.

Bellingham School District in Washington Saves Money & Reduces Landfill Waste Through Composting This article written by Don Parker-Burgard, a member of the district administration of Bellingham School District, shows how off-site composting can reduce the waste budget of your school and can easily be implemented throughout the school district.

Is your school thinking about starting a compost system? Here are some resources that will help your school identify what is needed to start and maintain a composting program.

CalRecycle has a great resource of detailed case studies and technical support for integrated waste management at schools. If you are thinking about off site composting and/or reduces your school's waste click here!

Chittenden Solid Waste District has created a composting powerpoint that has more in-depth step by step instructions and suggestions to keep an onsite or offsite composting system in your school.

Ecocycle has created an overview of different types/scales of composting depending on what your school is trying to achieve with the compost. It addresses vermicomposting school-yard composting, as well as large-scale composting for district-wide or off-site composting.

This compost training video produced by Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District and directed by kids is a great introductory resource if you are going to begin off site composting at your school.

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We are only a few days away from our Annual Benefit Brunch😋

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The brunch will go on rain or shine, and we have a large indoor space to get cozy and drink tea and coffee in before the brunch starts–please don’t let the rain stop you from coming! ☂️

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Just a friendly reminder Life Lab’s Annual Benefit Brunch is happening THIS Sunday, May 19th.

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Great news! We still have a few spots left for the Benefit Brunch next Sunday but hurry before it’s too late.

Come enjoy a fresh, delicious meal lovingly prepared meal by and an inspiring program.

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Help us grow healthy children and reduce your carbon footprint. 🌿

EVERY time you visit ANY New Leaf Community Market (@NewLeafCMarket) from now until May 27th, find the PAPER BALLOT in the store & VOTE FOR LIFE LAB to be a recipient of the Envirotoken program. 10 cents from every reusable bag can be donated to us.

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We hope to see you at Life Lab’s Annual Benefit Brunch, May 19th.🍽

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Life Lab has been the most innovative and relevant organization in this field. From providing the best curriculum to their cutting edge professional development, we have relied on Life Lab as our go to organization for support, ideas, and collaboration.
Rachel PringleSenior Director of ProgramsEducation Outside
Life Lab provides truly inspiring training. Their breadth of experience, joy for teaching, and commitment to sharing knowledge highlight the best practices in food and garden education.
Erica CurryTraining and Professional Development ManagerFoodCorps
Thank you for such a wonderful field trip experience! Your leaders did such a great job at keeping our kids engaged.
Sheila BrickenKindergarten TeacherSan Lorenzo Valley Elementary
Terry had another awesome two weeks at Life Lab. I think he learns more there than in any other part of his year. School is great, but he’s passionate (and often dogmatic) about what he learns there.
Tara NeierCamp ParentSummer camp mom